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Beakerhead is Calgary's highly publicized science, engineering, and art festival. Last year the event featured a catapult design competition, a number of amazing workshops and speakers (like how to build your own theramin), an army of art cars (including a fire-breathing octopus), and youth school programs.  
This year, Beakerhead has asked the nanoGroup to get involved in order to bring nano to the community. We will be creating a functional atomic force microscope (AFM) using LEGO pieces, a project that was originally done by LEGO2NANO. Although the microscope won't measure at the atomic scale, it will illustrate to the public how we look at all things "nano". If you are interested in participating, please send us an email


Beakerhead 2015 was a great success! Check out some of the time lapse videos of the construction of the LEGO AFM:

Let's Talk Nanoscience

The UofC Nanogroup will bring high school students to the University of Calgary to show and educate them about the field of nanotechnology in both Science and Engineering as well as available programs at the University. Potential tours on campus include the NANS undergraduate labs, and laboratories at the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology (IQST). There is also a possibility of touring the nanofabrication facilities of Alberta Center for Advanced MNT products (ACAMP) which is located 15 minutes east of campus.